The only constant

‘The only constant is change’ isn’t that what they say? Well… there have certainly been many changes in my life recently. We have swapped city life for country life, flat for house, 56 square metres for quarter acre block, traffic for rolling hills and the small car for a family car. We left behind the sounds typical for a city in the night, those of traffic, sirens and neighbours right next to you for the occasional moo of a cow, the hoot of the resident owl, croaking of frogs and the ever present sound of water running into the pond. The biggest change was going from life as a couple to that of a small family of three. Our daughter joined us in May this year and is filling our lives with laughter that more than makes up for the sleepless nights.

Rolling Hills 2As I am writing this I overlook our garden, which is still unruly to say the least, and the seemingly never ending green rolling hills. Our little girl is wriggling in her play pen, ‘reading’ her book and every now and then ‘talking’ to herself, her toys or me. The weather today isn’t great, cloudy, no rain and a bit windy. Probably the right temperature to do some gardening.

Over the next few days and weeks I will try and put up pictures of the things we have already changed in the garden and show you the veggies that are starting to grow. We started with sugar snap peas, then planted potatoes that had sprouted in our cupboard, lettuce and tomato seedlings. We sowed English spinach, planted garlic cloves, basil seedlings to accompany the tomatoes and sowed a small forest of coriander for all the guacamole and dips and sauces we could possibly want to make! A few weeks ago we also added corn, capsicum and zucchini and finally sowed spring onions. Yesterday new pumpkin seeds went in and we will have to see how they go over the next few weeks.

I look forward to this new life and to keeping track of things that are happening and changing and learn as much as possible in the process. Life seems to move so fast that I think it’s absolutely necessary to try and stop and smell the roses – or any other flower for that matter. I am hoping you will join me on this journey and see where it will lead us.


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