Stop and smell the zucchini flowers

Yesterday I wasn’t quite sure what to write about next or where to start. There are just too many photos I could take and things to discuss. But when I went to check the mail today I found no bills or letters but instead just a whole stack of ads. Every Tuesday there is a neat bundle of catalogues, held together by a rubber band. Just in case you are wondering, I did try and get one of those ‘no advertising material’ stickers for our letter box, but they don’t seem to exist around here. Oh well, I thought some of the stuff may be interesting – that’s the little consumer in me talking.


When I opened today’s bundle it appeared bigger than normal and I ended up counting how many different ones there were. I counted 22! And I didn’t count all those that were supplied twice – just in case I lost one maybe. They include all the various department stores, hardware stores, supermarkets, sports shops, kitchen and homewares, solar panel providers warning the rebate will soon run out, local clubs advertising meat raffles, etc. And most of them have a Christmas theme – specials only for today or tomorrow or maybe even two weeks if you are lucky. All that made me think.

Do we really need to shop more and buy more things as presents or for ourselves? Because that is obviously what the catalogues are enticing us to do. Given so much was about Christmas it also included gift guides for Mum and Dad and the kids of course. Toys that I had no idea existed, all sorts of different pools for the backyard and every imaginable kitchen gadget. It’s odd how all of this in such stark contrast to my post from last week – wanting to live a slower life and having time for the things that matter. I still can’t believe it is already November and Christmas is literally around the corner. As you may have read, I love Christmas and I thought everything that goes with it. But I certainly don’t love the ads and I don’t need more stuff around the house. I would just like some time to stop and not do a whole lot or potter around in the garden or just sit and talk to my husband and play with my daughter. It will be her first Christmas this year and of course I’d love for her to grow up and think of Christmas as a beautiful time a year – not one that is hectic and stressful because everyone worries about what to buy for each other.IMG_4717 (683x1024)

These are the thoughts I had going through my mind when I saw a video a friend posted on facebook. It is about ecological farming, but the broader theme is that we should look after the places we love. Have a look if you have a few minutes, I thought it was an important message and very interesting so I joined up. You can watch videos and read up on what it is all about here:

So to look after the place that I love, I don’t have any need for the 22 catalogues or the products that are advertised in them. And I am sure others feel similarly, even if they haven’t yet realised it. I am certain that quite a few Christmas presents end up being thrown away or maybe on ebay if we can be bothered. So I decided that this year for Christmas I am not going to buy presents from some large department store. I will try my best to make presents or give things, which will help my friends and family slow down, take a deep breath and take the time to enjoy the moment and maybe even Christmas. So with that in mind I went for a quick stroll in the garden to capture the flowers that are starting to blossom just in front of my door. The eggplant flower opened today, the tomatoes are already starting to fruit and the zucchini are now all flowering as well.

IMG_4714 (1024x683)


I haven’t yet thought about what to cook for Christmas – but maybe I can have a look around the market tomorrow and see what is on offer. And while I’m still getting used to it, Christmas in Australia is of course in summer so I’m sure there will be more than enough fruit and veggies in season to inspire me.


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