Vanillekipferl – Vanilla Crescents

It’s hot here today. Well, it didn’t actually cool down. I checked how the temperature changed overnight and it did get down to a low of 20°C at midnight and was back up at 30°C at 1am! This is not exactly ideal weather to be baking biscuits. I baked a couple of types a week ago and have been […]

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Advent & Traditional German Stollen

Did you know that in Germany the four weeks leading up to Christmas are nearly as important and greatly celebrated as Christmas itself? The time is called Advent (it’s from Latin meaning ‘coming’) and in the Christian tradition would refer to Jesus being born. Having said that Christmas in Germany is an older tradition even […]

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Coconut Macaroons

My life truly seems to match the business name at the moment, which is why the last post is already quite a few weeks old. I also promised to write about gingerbread (Nuremberg Gingerbread to be precise) in the following post. But our dear chickens have been laying fewer eggs than usual and I had […]

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