Biscuits sold out!

So the market in Mosman went well this Saturday 3rd December and I sold all the biscuits I had taken and even ran out of tasters. So I encourage everyone who would like to buy some biscuits for Christmas for themselves or friends and family or as gifts at work to order ahead to avoid disappointment.

The biscuits last quite a long time, except most of you eat them before they could even go off! Which must mean you find them as delicious as I do. Don’t forget you can also order them in tins, where they keep best. ¬†Also, the stollen will need to be ordered in advance as it needs to sit and rest for a little while to develop its taste a bit more. If you bought one at the markets on Saturday try and let it sit in a dry and cool place for another week or so and I’m sure the wait will be worth it.

Now, for those who cannot eat gluten amongst you… I didn’t sell out of those biscuits or the stollen! But please order them ahead, as I will otherwise not be making any. And it would be a shame to discontinue the range before you have even tried it! So make your way to the Twilight Christmas Market on Thursday December 15th to try and buy some gluten free treats for yourself or someone who cannot normally enjoy things like this.

So that’s it for now… Contact me for orders either via email or facebook and make sure to get them in soon. I will start baking this week on Thursday and need to have orders in before that time!

Until then enjoy the lead up to Christmas everyone,

busy lisi